Corporate Engagement & Institutional Outreach

Intervention Accelerator

This self-paced accelerator equips you with skills to manage effective corporate and institutional meat reduction campaigns.

Campaigning chain restaurants, catering companies, schools, and other institutions to introduce plant-based items, replace animal dishes, or replace animal-based ingredients is an impactful intervention to reduce animal product demand.

You will build skills to:

>select high-impact targets
>develop effective outreach strategy
>create persuasive asks
>support companies through transitions
>and more

This accelerator offers:

Expert Led Training Webinars
Campaign Guide

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Training Webinars

Webinar 1:
Universities and Corporate Cafeterias

Universities and corporate office cafeterias serve thousands of meals every day to students and employees. Replacing animal-based dishes with plant-based options make a mass impact on animal product consumption and demand. Melanie Jaecques (ProVeg International) guides you through collaboration steps. Richa Mehta (Vegan Outreach India) shares best practices.



Webinar 2:
Food Manufacturers and Ingredient Replacement

Food manufacturers produce the processed foods we find in supermarkets- from pastries, cereals, snacks, and more. These companies also have a major impact on consumers’ choice through advertisements. Encouraging manufacturers to replace animal-based ingredients with plant-based alternatives significantly reduces animal product consumption and demand. Melanie Jaecques (ProVeg International) walks you through the steps of successful collaborations. Eden Ringold (Vegan Friendly Israël) shares how food engineering is making a significant impact in Israël and abroad.

Webinar 3:
Chain Restaurants

Chain restaurants are an impactful target because when plant-based meals replace animal-based meals in a single company, it means the hundreds of regional locations will also change. Melanie Jaecques (ProVeg International) guides us through strategic steps. Zak Weston (The Good Food Institute) shares how GFI works with chain restaurants and what to consider as you develop your own campaign.

Webinar 4:
School Lunches

Thousands of students eat lunch at their schools each day of the week. When we work with schools to replace animal-based meals with plant-based alternatives, we can create a significant impact on animal product consumption and demand. For instance, if a school system feeds 10,000 students each day, introducing a plant-based lunch one day of the week equals 10,000 fewer animal dishes per week! Melanie Jaecques (ProVeg International) demonstrates how to work with schools. Carolina Galvani (Sinergia Animal) shares how Sinergia built an effective network and strategy that resulted in nine universities and schools introducing plant-based lunch days.

Campaign Guide

This introductory guide provides best practices and tools to develop a corporate or institutional outreach campaign.


We offer several grant opportunities for your vegan advocacy and meat reduction work.

Corporate Engagement and Institutional Outreach

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