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Intervention Accelerator

Equipping you with skills to manage effective plant-based and vegan challenges.

Plant-based challenges are simple and effective way to increase public and corporate awareness for vegan diets.


You will build skills to:
>develop an effective challenge
>engage participants, local restaurants, media, and influencers
>create follow-up that encourages commitment to a plant-based diet
>set goals, define target audience, and adapt content to participants’ needs
>leverage challenges with other campaigns
>evaluate and measure impact
>create income through corporate sponsorship


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This accelerator offers:

Expert Led Training Webinars
Strategy Advice
Campaign Guide
Evaluation Template


You can register for the accelerators at any date and complete the webinars at your own pace. 


Questions? [email protected]


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Expert Led Webinars

Webinar 1:
Funding your challenge in a sustainable way

We explore novel ways to develop funding opportunities by building a campaign model that is beneficial to your organization as well as your sponsors, partners, and donors.


Webinar 2:
Ensuring a successful engagement during and after the challenge

The success of a challenge is measured by its number of participants, but also by the quality of their engagement. In this webinar, we answer these key questions:
>How to ensure that participants stay on board during and after the challenge?
>How to avoid dropouts?
>How to support participants in the longer term?
>What measures to take to increase the commitment of your participants?


Webinar 3:
Using effective communication tools

We discuss how to communicate efficiently to reach your campaign goals, what communication channels to use before and during the campaign, and what messages to include.

Webinar 4:
Practical tools to manage and evaluate your challenge

The quality of a campaign highly depends on data management tools, clear communication processes, and more.  We provide case studies of effective subscription management, newsletter workflow, budgets, and more.

Furthermore, evaluating the challenge allows us to determine the impact in terms of number animals were left off the plate, CO2 and water spared, as well as perceptions of our participants and how we can improve. An evaluation template is provided.

Campaign Guide

This introductory guide provides guidelines and tools to develop and launch a new challenge or make an existing challenge more impactful.

Strategy Advice

You may request a 1-on-1 strategy advice session.


We offer grant opportunities for your vegan advocacy and meat reduction work.

Evaluation Template

A diet-change campaign evaluation template guides you through the evaluation and impact measurement process. For more guidance, join our Nonprofit Management Accelerator and join the Evaluation webinar.


Should you have any questions about this accelerator, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


All accelerator members shall abide by the ProVeg Grants Program safespace policies.


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