Corporate Rankings and Consumer Data

Intervention Accelerator

Equipping you with skills to develop effective corporate rankings and consumer data collection campaigns.

Rankings are an effective tool to increase corporate attention for vegan markets. And consumer data can be used to demonstrate demand for plant-based products.

In this accelerator, you will build skills to:
>Strategically develop rankings and consumer data collection plans
>Leverage rankings for media coverage and corporate engagement campaigns
>Use results as a revenue stream and for longer-term strategic plans

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This accelerator offers:

Expert-Led Training Webinars
Campaign Guide
Consumer Data Collection Questionnaire

You can register for the accelerators at any date and complete the webinars at your own pace.

Training Webinars

Webinar 1
Retail Ranking – Increase Your Impact

Retail companies cover a major part of the food market and greatly influences the consumer’s choice. In many countries, the amount of plant-based products is increasing in supermarkets, which introduces customers to animal products alternatives.

Webinar 2
Consumer Surveys – Understand your Audience

Effective campaign launch first implies a good understanding of the market. What are the main barriers for your target audience, how often are they prepared to skip animal products in their diet and what would be the reasons to do this? These are just a couple of questions that can help us to get more insight and make the right decisions.

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In this webinar, Kai-Brit Bechtold, Senior Consumer Research Scientist at Proveg International will give you a general introduction in how consumer surveys can help us reach our goals in an effective way. Her colleague, Mathilde Alexandre, Executive Support at Proveg International will present the case study of the European Consumer Survey undertaken for the first time in 2020.

Webinar 3
Consumer Research – Easy & Affordably

The availability of evidence-based data on plant-based topics is scarce. Nevertheless, data is essential to make the right decisions, adapt our approach, and guide us in our strategy.

In this webinar, Chris Bryant, Director of Bryant Research Ltd in the UK will teach how to plan your research project, design a survey, collect and analyse the data as well as report the results

Webinar 4
Chain Restaurant Rankings – Increase the Availability of Plant-Based Options

Restaurants and chain restaurants can be powerful partners on the path towards a plant-based world. Putting more plant-based options on chain restaurant menus will multiply plant-based consumption.

In this webinar, Paula Rassmann, Senior Project Manager at the Food Services at Proveg International, will talk about rankings as an interesting tool to raise awareness about plant-based options in restaurants. You will be offered a step-to-step guidance and the tools to undertake your own restaurant ranking.

Campaign Guide

Members will receive a campaign guide that shares campaigning planning advice and best practices.



We offer several grant opportunities for your vegan advocacy and meat reduction work!

Consumer Data Collection Questionnaire

Members receive a consumer data collection questionnaire template.

Corporate Rankings & Consumer Data Accelerator

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Should you have any concerns or questions about your participation in this accelerator, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


All accelerator members may uphold the ProVeg Grants Program safespace policies.


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